3 Best Trucks For Hauling Horses

Regardless of what you use your horse for, at some point, you will need to transport them. There are situations you don’t want your horse to trudge. For example, if you are taking your horse to an event or to a vet. You need a horse trailer to transport them and you’ll need a strong, sturdy truck to haul it. 

In this article, you will learn about 3 of the best trucks available in the market. This article will talk about their unique features and pros so you can decide which one best suits your needs.

3 Best Trucks For Moving Horses

Dodge Cummins, Chevy Duramax, and Ford Powerstroke are three of the best trucks out there. They’re the most popular and widely used trucks for equestrian needs.

As a brand, Dodge has built a reputation for itself as one to beat in truck manufacturing. Their trucks are strong and highly rated. When you’re considering a truck for equestrian needs, Dodge Cummins is definitely worth giving a shot.

Ford is another credible and durable brand. There are several sturdy pickup trucks in the ling line of Fords that are great for towing and hauling. Ford Powerstroke is one of such.

Then comes Chevrolet/GMC trucks. You will find the Duramax especially versatile for your use in caring for your horse. Towing a horse trailer has become an easy ride for your horse, thanks to this truck. The same is also true of moving around all you need in caring for and preparing your horse for events.

Below are some of the distinctive features of each of these three trucks.

Dodge Cummins

This is one of the first trucks to offer factory-made four digits of torque. It can tow objects weighing as much as 35,100 pounds without any worry. This is due to its 3500 Best-in-Class towing of the diesel engine. It has a dynamic centerline display hookup. This will make hitching your trailer a lot easier. All these enable the Cummins to load more horses than many trucks of similar size and shape.

Ease of Loading

What you get in Cummins is the Best-in-Class payload especially from the new 3500. It has a payload capacity of about 7,680 pounds from the gas engine. There is about 6,910 pounds of payload from the diesel.

Full-LED Headlamps

Are you considering moving at night? Nothing to worry about, the Dodge Cummins has you covered. It has full-LED headlamps. It also has rear spotlights mounted on the mirror. Its class-exclusive lighting system forward adaptive complements the night visibility.


As stated earlier, it’s quite strong, stronger than most of the trucks in its class. It has up to 1,000 foot-pounds of diesel torque.


It has an upgraded rear axle structural cross member. This gives it an increased towing capacity. There are provisions for a Fifth-Wheel/Gooseneck Package too. Included in this prep package are mounting hardware, mounting holes, covers and a seven-pin connector mounted on the bed. You can expect this truck to tow a trailer of about 30,000 pounds at fifth wheel and 35,000 pounds with a gooseneck. This towing capacity is almost unmatched.


The driver and the horse are going to have a smooth ride when this truck is towing a horse trailer. Built with efficient crash prevention, mishaps are rare. It’s the class-exclusive adaptive forward lighting system that makes this possible. It has a 360° Surround View Camera. This gives a complete picture of the surroundings when you’re driving the truck and very helpful when you’re aligning it with a trailer. With the warning and active braking system, reliability isn’t a question. There’s no remarkable difference when the truck is hauling a trailer so you can ride in it with peace of mind.

Trailer Tire Pressure Monitor

It has a system that monitors the available trailer tire pressure. It displays this for up to four trailers. Even if each trailer has up to 12 tires, it’s able to read the pressure in each one of them. It has a high-definition Driver Information Digital Cluster Display to show this.

Fuel System

The fueling system of Dodge Cummins is among the best for the truck of its kind. It’s able to power an upgraded lift pump beyond the factory power levels. It can produce and maintain as much as 30,000 psi so the operation of the injector will be smooth with great fuel efficiency. It prevents a drop in the injection pump pressure and saves you from associated challenges like power failure and injection pump failure. It also covers more miles per gallon (mpg).

Exterior Parts

The exterior features of Cummins are tonneau covers and mirrors. The mirrors are stainless steel and chrome and there are several replacement parts for mirror and glass components. The full exterior parts will prevent the general discomfort associated with trailing horses.

Suspension and Transmission

Complementing the towing capacity of the truck are the suspension and transmission systems. These facilitate hitch-free movement of the trailer behind the truck in the right way. The truck will respond to your command promptly. It does it with minimal effort and adapts to shifting loads. It also adjusts to changes in the road camber. In addition, it compensates for a parallel hitch between the truck and the trailer. They create a good shock absorber caused by the unevenness of some roads.

Chevy Duramax


Duramax is a powerful truck with an output of 445 Horsepower, having up to 910 foot-pounds of diesel torque. 


It has a 10-speed automatic transmission. This, plus its suspension and chassis strength all combine to make the truck a proper, comfortable pickup. Whether it’s hauling a full payload or it’s empty, the transmission is comfortable at a constant level.


It’s built with safety and crash prevention in mind while towing. It has several cameras mounted on the exterior parts. On its infotainment screen, it can relay up to 15 distinct exterior views. Included among these are a bed view and surrounding view. They also include a transparent trailer view so you can tow with your mind at ease. With a trailer carrying horses behind you, towing up to 14,500 pounds poses no challenge at all.


It has an added capacity for towing because of the strong U-joints. The brawnier prop shaft combined with a standard 11.5-inch gear on the 2500HD or go with the 12-inch gear on 3500HD model. The truck’s rear axle enables it to achieve top class towing capacity up to 35,000 pounds.


The frame, especially for new models, is heavy-duty; heavier than what is common. This ensures that it can pull the heavier trailers fully loaded with ease. The Duramax has a Gross Combined Vehicle Weight Rating (GCVWR) up to43,500 pounds.


The turbo diesel 6.6-liter V8 engine is capable of delivering 445 horsepower and 910 foot-pounds of torque. This new engine will deliver higher power and higher torque, with sustained durability. The Duramax diesel engine offers stratospheric torque together with greater fuel efficiency. So where diesel is paramount, this truck takes the crown.


The exterior of this new Duramax is another feature that deserves attention. The side mirrors have improved visibility more than ever. The mirror housings that are low mounted don’t block much view from the side windows and you will still be able to see your blind spots. So that the visibility of the rear window can improve, the rear bed is now lowered by 1.0 inch.

Ford Powerstroke


The Ford Powerstroke truck engines are heavy-duty pickups offering the turbo diesel. They offer a different axle ratio featuring electronic locking differentials. It also provides an Fx4 off-road package and the fifth-wheel/gooseneck hitch prep package. There are several features to offer that are powered by 450 horsepower @ 2800 rpm engine and 935 foot-pounds at 1800 rpm torque. Pushed by a 6-speed automatic transmission, this 32 valve V8 powerstroke has no lack of performance. 


The Powerstroke is a heavy-duty truck with an appealing combination of everyday usability and capability. Its massive towing comes fit with many high-tech features, making it a luxury ride for a family of 5. The gross vehicle weight rating and fifth-wheel prep make it a utility super duty truck.


The towing capability of this truck also compares well. It has a high capacity trailer tow offering of the gross combined weight of 25,700 pounds. 15,000 pounds are available for towing through a ball hitch. Certain Ford Powerstroke specs are also programmed to save and recall some trailers. While towing, they can call up brake gain and can carry out the blind-spot setting.


The cabin has plenty of seats and a lot of trim-level upgrades. Even the heaviest and longest trips on the road, Ford Powerstroke will pamper you and all in your truck or trailer. You can depend on its gross weight rating of 10,000 lbs to haul whatever you need. It also has a LED bed lighting system to assist hitching up at night. 


Powerstroke has built-in safety mechanisms. These include adaptive cruise control that changes with each driving condition. It’s capable of functioning well under normal circumstances but the cruise control retains its effectiveness when pulling a load as heavy as 25,000 pounds. Another safety feature is the lane-keeping assist which keeps the trailer at the back of your truck in the lane. It also has the blind-spot monitor with a perfect blind spot setting. You can program it according to the length of your trailer. The back camera is another safety feature. It’s mounted to the back of the trailer and connected to the infotainment screen. This gives you the message from the 360 degree view.

There are 7 cameras altogether plus the separate rear view camera option that is mountable on the trailer.


Some exterior options are the aluminum toolbox, bed mat, and tough bed spray-in liner. The bug shield and window deflectors are also helpful during the hot summer. The optional tonneau covers will be nice to transport hay and other horse stuff that need protection from the weather.


There you have it, the 3 best trucks for hauling horses and other equine stuff. These trucks are durable and have the capacity to tow your horses safely and comfortably. What should you go for, Dodge Cummins, Chevy Duramax or Ford Powerstroke? That’s up to you to decide, depending on your personal preference, but any of them would be great.

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